60 degrees in January?!

Wow I cannot express enough how crazy it is to me that just sunday it was a blizzard here in Milwaukee and today its going to be in the low 60’s. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STATE.

Last night at the gym I did a pretty killer workout with some really simple moves.

I warmed up with 15 mins on the treadmil.
Then I did 4 sets of the below moves with walking to each station as my breath catcher.
– lunges 30 reps with 25lbs DB in both hands
-lat pulldown 15 reps 100lbs (which I ended up dropping to 80 by the 4th set)
-bench press 15 reps 85 lbs

Then I did that 4 times and let me tell you my arms were feeling the burn. That last bench I was hardly squeezing it out!

I then was introduced by one of the trainers at my gym to this new calf muscle machine.
Now I have done a calf exercises on a machine that looks like the below photo..
I used this machine all the time while I was in highschool.
You would be suprised with the crazy amount of weight your legs can do on this and how fast you can get tired but tone the heck out of your legs.
Now after talking to the trainer he informed me that this works mostly the upper part of your calf muscles.
So he introduced me to this…
This works more the bottom part of the calf muscle and really really defines your calfs according to him.
Just 3 sets and my legs were feeling the burn and even today!
I’m going to need a serious Yoga stretching tonight.
(Both those images I had to pull off google so you would know what I’m talking about!)

Then I ended my work out with plank abs one minute each position (front, left, right). I did two sets of this then my body was spent.

Last night Jon and I made some whole wheat pizza his half a little less unhealthy than mine.
His side was sausage and peperoni and mine was spinach
mmmm so yummy. Can’t wait for lunches leftovers 😉

This morning’s breakfast:
quick simple and filling.
apple, banana, 3 cheese egg beaters, and a glass of ice coffee

I didnt get an after photo because I was busy doing some quick reading before work.

Look how cute Mr.Wiggles was when I woke up this morning 😀
You can tell he doesn’t like his photo taken.

We’ll back to work I have a much needed yoga workout tonight for these sore legs!

What is your favorite kind of workout when you are sore/tired?


Why is the name BananaCupcake already gone?

I seriously have a screen name and email on every account possible as bananacupcake and when I come to make my first blog its gone! So sad!!!
I suppose I shall be following whoever bananacupcake is then 😛

Today has been dragging on. Ususally when I get to work I’m good until my lunch break at about 3pm everyday beacuse hey I’m excited that I get to eat my oh so delish lunch soon. Then I’m good until about 5 because I have my oh so delish snack to have! After 5 though the stretch until 6:30 is way to long. Especially on a Monday.
Funny how thinking of food can make time fly 😛

I usually get my workouts in before work since I don’t have to be here until 10am but today there was no way I could move Mr. Wiggles was all cuddled up next to me I couldn’t dare!

                                                                                                                                                                      look into those eyes 😀

So today I shall be doing my work out right after work/ as soon as this post is finished! More on that later tonight!

Today’s Breakfast was the french toast scramble that I posted about eariler today from www.carrotsncake.com and a glass of ice coffee
So smooth creamy and sweet mmmm!
While I was getting my breakfast a cookin’ I packed my lunch which was themed around my home made guacamole I wrote about on saturday!

Chicken Fajita salad!

-Romaine Lettuce
-Red Green and Yellow Peppers
-Red Onion
-Sweet corn salsaMY FAVORITE SALSA EVER  (see below photo)
-Chicken breast
-Fajita seasoning
-Guacamole ( recepie https://cupcakecrunch.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/busy-busy-spending-bee/)

It was so freakin yummy mmmm I love anything with a bit of a spice.
The jar is empty but oh my goodness let me tell you about this salsa.
You can get this at any local grocery store but it always seems to dissapear. I seriously am on a constant Wheres Waldo hunt for this stuff.
“A chunky blend of corn, tomatoes, red bell peppers and jalapenos. At World Table, we explore regional cuisines and international dishes, so you can bring these authentic tastes into your home every day. All of our recipes start with a variety of high quality ingredients and are crafted with care. You and your family will discover a world of new, delicious flavors in every bite.”
I love the discription makes my mouth water hehe!
 STOCK UP ON THIS I’m tellin’ ya You will be thanking me.

Then around 5 pm-ish I had my snack of  stonyfield organic peach yogurt and an apple from whole foods.
yummy in my tummy

I appoligize, my job seriously has the worst lighting… which is funny since we are a major home improvement retailer you would think we would represent what we sell. OH WELL 😀

And I am currently enjoying my preworkout snack
mmmmmm every bite I’m like who needs muffins when you’ve got odwalla. They also sell an extremely filling chocolately peanut butter bar but it taste a lot more like a brownie than anything peanut butter.
I would say odwalla is a nice way to settle a sweet tooth and a not as bad of a choice way. haha!
And look! good lighting finally! 😀

Im so excited for this weekend my old childhood friend is coming to Milwaukee this weekend.
Tis the only bad part of moving missing people / lack of girls nights.

Well time to get my workout in. Talk to you tonight!

Where’d the weekend go?

This weekend went way way to fast. I love having a Monday-Friday job don’t get me wrong but I swear the weekend just flys by 😦

This weekend I tried a new breakfast that I got off of  www.Carrotsncake.com. She calls it her french toast scramble I believe. She makes it with egg whites and a mushed banana plus a few other ingredients. I have always read it and just thought to myself there is no way that taste like french toast. But I gave it a try and holy moly it taste like french toast!

Im telling you it will fill you up for hours and it taste so so yummy.
This woman is a genius!  Who would of thought egg whites and banana could taste so naughty!

These are the ingredients I used. I was out of actual egg whites so I had to seperate the yoke from the egg whites Ugh! Tough work.

I did not put my iced cofee in it just FYI. I did however have a glass of it. I was so tired of spending so much money at all these coffee shops so I decided to get some for at home! Cheaper and just just as tastey with 1/3 less sugar 😉

Yesterday Jon and I had a fun filled sunday we went out to brunch at this placed called Hi hat here in Milwaukee. It’s off the popular Brady Street.
I got this image from google but this is the place!
I had an egg white omlet with squash inside, an english muffin, and a side of fruit.
It was soooooo filling.

I had one two glasses of champange 😀

Jon and I then walked around milwaukee for hours it was so nice yesterday. But as always out of no where it began to snow. I have never in my life lived in such an unconsistant place as Milwaukee, weather wise. We went home to watch Batman since our fun Sunday walk was coming to an end thanks to the snow.

To warm up I tried a new tea Green tea pepermint as soon as I arrived home.

It wasnt as pepperminty as I normally get with teas which I was ok with because my nose didnt burn from its strong aroma.

Now I need to get back to work. I will recap on my day when I’m home from the gym

What types of teas do you all enjoy to drink? Hot cold? sweet unsweeet?

Busy busy spending bee

Well today started off a lot later than planned. Originally I wanted to be out of the house and on the road to get my new drivers license by 7:30am because I know how the DMV is on weekends. I didn’t hear my alarm which never ever happens so I didn’t get up until 8:45! Ugh! No time too make my whole wheat blueberry pancakes. My boyfriend and I were so hungry we knew we needed to have something in our tummy’s for on the road or it would be torture.

When in doubt Starbucks it is!
I got my vanilla iced coffee and added a dash of non-fat milk and Jon got a plain black coffee hot. I have never really understood how he can just drink and enjoy that but everyone’s a little different.


I also had a spinach feta and egg white wrap from starbucks. It is most defiantly my favorite breakfast sandwich that I do not make myself.

After we got my new license… which only took 3 HOURS. (Made me rethink living in the city. Back in farmtown where I’m from I would of been more than likely the only person in there. No joke. ) we went back home and Jon got ready for work and I decided to cook up some lunch.

Broccoli and chicken stir-fry!

Then headed out for some shopping I was in desperate need of a new sports bra. I like a certain kind and I stick with it, just a matter of finding exactly what I want at the best price. TJMaxx it was!
I ended up leaving with the sports bra champion brand that I love for 7.99! normally about $19.99 at Sports Authority.

Then I saw the clearance rack and well got a new Nike tank for $16.00 that I had actually been eyeballing awhile so I bought it as well.

Oh how happy I am!!

On my way home I stopped by whole foods to get my weekly groceries and one extra stop to buy myself something special.

Get ready for this…. RED VELVET CUPCAKE WINE!!!!!
This is real life everyone! Now once I try it I will give you all the low down. It is suppose to be a smooth wine with a mocha hint to it giving you that oh so lovely sweet chocolatey cupcake taste.
I need to chill out my mouths watering hehe 😀

Currently enjoying my packet of Almond Butter…vanilla flavor.
The small packets keep me from eating the entire jar I will ALWAYS control my binge eating 😀

Well I’m off to make some spicy guacamole to use in tomorrows meal plans
Just 7 wonderful ingredients to an oh so addictive dip!
1. Avocados
4.Hot chili pepper
6.Fresh lime juice
7. Salt

Fast. Simple. Heavenly.

Good Night everyone!


YES! I have done it! started my first blog!

I know its totally lame but I am just so excited and already addicted !
Today I completed my about me section and my workouts for January so far….
A lot of time and effort really needs to go into these blogs I really had no idea!!

I woke up my normal time of 7am except this morning I had to give Jon ( the boyfriend 😉 ) to class. So out to the cold I went and BAM it snowed over night! why ? 😦
When growing up in central Illinois it was cold and would snow but seriously WISCONSIN IS EVIL. My nose seriously hurts from breathing in the air its that cold.

So after my deadly/ scary drive in the snow to get him to class I stopped by Alterra Coffee which is a a local coffee place here in Milwaukee where they roast the coffee in more than one location of the town. its seriously so yummy. My phone was charging so I didn’t snap a photo of my egg white cheese and strawberry jelly english muffin and small vanilla non-fat latte. mmmmm!

I then went home to pack my gym bag and cook my lunch for the day and headed off to work

Today’s menu was grilled lemon chicken and garlic asparagus and mmm mm mm was it delish and filling I couldn’t even finish the chicken Just soooooo much!
I also Had a strawberry cheese cake yogurt.
Normally i go more for greek yogurt but I’m tellin ya’ this stuff sersiouly tastes so naughty I love it!

As I walked to my office today I saw this on my desk
NOOOOOOOOO GIRLSCOUT COOKIES! I had to share them with my co workers because they are just so yummy I know I’ll eat to many.
Every year I order some and end up asking myself why? they are so bad for me! and back in my binge eating days this would have been a major MAJOR danger zone.

FUN FACT: After some reading I learned that the girlscout thin mints are actually gluten free… I HAD NO IDEA!!!

The day dragged on but thank goodness it was Friday hello weekend! 😀

Around 5pm my stomach began to rumble so I had myself a yummy treat
These things seriously taste like blueberry muffins I’m so lovin them!

Finally 6:30 came and I was home free for the weekend. I headed to the gym to get a good work out in before I got home to begin relaxing after a long week.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of mello runs and intense weight workouts, so today I decided to do a timed run. Because 1. it keeps me focused and 2. it makes a treadmill work out go quickly which is good because they have the tendency to get boring.

I ran 5 miles in 45mins 26 secs and let me tell you I was a sweaty hot mess . I also love the RUNKEEPER app since the gym I go to’s treadmills do not give average speeds. I love run keeper better in warm weather for the GPS it really keeps on me!

After the gym I went and got a tazo unsweeted tea to go home relax and see what I can learn on this blog


Ah well off to read and cuddle up with my man and cats
Good night everyone!

Hello world!

This would be about how my life is cats and exercise... if only they could go on runs :D

My life….. Now if only these cats would go on runs and people wouldnt stare…hmmm

Hello! This is my first post first blog all that jazz!

I recently started a job where Im at a desk a lot for a HUGE home improvement retailer and well on my breaks I use to look for new healthy ideas to cook each week where I accidently stumbled upon the heath and fitness blog community. Where it has been love ever since!!

 Since Ive been a dedicated daily reader to several popular blogs I decided to make my own! I just recently moved to Milwaukee, WI where I know absolutely nobody. As lame as it seems reading the blogs and leaving posts about different workouts,  meal ideas, and being introduced to everyones pets has really made me feel like Ive been hanging out with new friends!
Yeah yeah I know I’m lame.

ANY WHO each day I’ll be posting about my workouts, my meals my perfect cat wiggles and all other adventures my life brings in this big old city of Milwaukee. Talk to you all tonight when Im actually with my laptop not just my phone to give my first legit post!