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Hello world!

This would be about how my life is cats and exercise... if only they could go on runs :D

My life….. Now if only these cats would go on runs and people wouldnt stare…hmmm

Hello! This is my first post first blog all that jazz!

I recently started a job where Im at a desk a lot for a HUGE home improvement retailer and well on my breaks I use to look for new healthy ideas to cook each week where I accidently stumbled upon the heath and fitness blog community. Where it has been love ever since!!

 Since Ive been a dedicated daily reader to several popular blogs I decided to make my own! I just recently moved to Milwaukee, WI where I know absolutely nobody. As lame as it seems reading the blogs and leaving posts about different workouts,  meal ideas, and being introduced to everyones pets has really made me feel like Ive been hanging out with new friends!
Yeah yeah I know I’m lame.

ANY WHO each day I’ll be posting about my workouts, my meals my perfect cat wiggles and all other adventures my life brings in this big old city of Milwaukee. Talk to you all tonight when Im actually with my laptop not just my phone to give my first legit post!