YES! I have done it! started my first blog!

I know its totally lame but I am just so excited and already addicted !
Today I completed my about me section and my workouts for January so far….
A lot of time and effort really needs to go into these blogs I really had no idea!!

I woke up my normal time of 7am except this morning I had to give Jon ( the boyfriend πŸ˜‰ ) to class. So out to the cold I went and BAM it snowed over night! why ? 😦
When growing up in central Illinois it was cold and would snow but seriously WISCONSIN IS EVIL. My nose seriously hurts from breathing in the air its that cold.

So after my deadly/ scary drive in the snow to get him to class I stopped by Alterra Coffee which is a a local coffee place here in Milwaukee where they roast the coffee in more than one location of the town. its seriously so yummy. My phone was charging so I didn’t snap a photo of my egg white cheese and strawberry jelly english muffin and small vanilla non-fat latte. mmmmm!

I then went home to pack my gym bag and cook my lunch for the day and headed off to work

Today’s menu was grilled lemon chicken and garlic asparagus and mmm mm mm was it delish and filling I couldn’t even finish the chicken Just soooooo much!
I also Had a strawberry cheese cake yogurt.
Normally i go more for greek yogurt but I’m tellin ya’ this stuff sersiouly tastes so naughty I love it!

As I walked to my office today I saw this on my desk
NOOOOOOOOO GIRLSCOUT COOKIES! I had to share them with my co workers because they are just so yummy I know I’ll eat to many.
Every year I order some and end up asking myself why? they are so bad for me! and back in my binge eating days this would have been a major MAJOR danger zone.

FUN FACT: After some reading I learned that the girlscout thin mints are actually gluten free… I HAD NO IDEA!!!

The day dragged on but thank goodness it was Friday hello weekend! πŸ˜€

Around 5pm my stomach began to rumble so I had myself a yummy treat
These things seriously taste like blueberry muffins I’m so lovin them!

Finally 6:30 came and I was home free for the weekend. I headed to the gym to get a good work out in before I got home to begin relaxing after a long week.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of mello runs and intense weight workouts, so today I decided to do a timed run. Because 1. it keeps me focused and 2. it makes a treadmill work out go quickly which is good because they have the tendency to get boring.

I ran 5 miles in 45mins 26 secs and let me tell you I was a sweaty hot mess . I also love the RUNKEEPER app since the gym I go to’s treadmills do not give average speeds. I love run keeper better in warm weather for the GPS it really keeps on me!

After the gym I went and got a tazo unsweeted tea to go home relax and see what I can learn on this blog


Ah well off to read and cuddle up with my man and cats
Good night everyone!


About CupcakeCrunch

Hello there! My names Stephanie Gramlich. I'm from central Illinois. I just recently moved to Milwaukee, WI which is a whole new world from my farm town childhood. I love good food, good workouts, enjoying life and my chubby kitty Mr.Wiggles. I'm currently working at my second major home improvement retailer. I live one of the most random life's influenced by health, fitness and of course cupcakes !

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