Busy busy spending bee

Well today started off a lot later than planned. Originally I wanted to be out of the house and on the road to get my new drivers license by 7:30am because I know how the DMV is on weekends. I didn’t hear my alarm which never ever happens so I didn’t get up until 8:45! Ugh! No time too make my whole wheat blueberry pancakes. My boyfriend and I were so hungry we knew we needed to have something in our tummy’s for on the road or it would be torture.

When in doubt Starbucks it is!
I got my vanilla iced coffee and added a dash of non-fat milk and Jon got a plain black coffee hot. I have never really understood how he can just drink and enjoy that but everyone’s a little different.


I also had a spinach feta and egg white wrap from starbucks. It is most defiantly my favorite breakfast sandwich that I do not make myself.

After we got my new license… which only took 3 HOURS. (Made me rethink living in the city. Back in farmtown where I’m from I would of been more than likely the only person in there. No joke. ) we went back home and Jon got ready for work and I decided to cook up some lunch.

Broccoli and chicken stir-fry!

Then headed out for some shopping I was in desperate need of a new sports bra. I like a certain kind and I stick with it, just a matter of finding exactly what I want at the best price. TJMaxx it was!
I ended up leaving with the sports bra champion brand that I love for 7.99! normally about $19.99 at Sports Authority.

Then I saw the clearance rack and well got a new Nike tank for $16.00 that I had actually been eyeballing awhile so I bought it as well.

Oh how happy I am!!

On my way home I stopped by whole foods to get my weekly groceries and one extra stop to buy myself something special.

Get ready for this…. RED VELVET CUPCAKE WINE!!!!!
This is real life everyone! Now once I try it I will give you all the low down. It is suppose to be a smooth wine with a mocha hint to it giving you that oh so lovely sweet chocolatey cupcake taste.
I need to chill out my mouths watering hehe 😀

Currently enjoying my packet of Almond Butter…vanilla flavor.
The small packets keep me from eating the entire jar I will ALWAYS control my binge eating 😀

Well I’m off to make some spicy guacamole to use in tomorrows meal plans
Just 7 wonderful ingredients to an oh so addictive dip!
1. Avocados
4.Hot chili pepper
6.Fresh lime juice
7. Salt

Fast. Simple. Heavenly.

Good Night everyone!



About CupcakeCrunch

Hello there! My names Stephanie Gramlich. I'm from central Illinois. I just recently moved to Milwaukee, WI which is a whole new world from my farm town childhood. I love good food, good workouts, enjoying life and my chubby kitty Mr.Wiggles. I'm currently working at my second major home improvement retailer. I live one of the most random life's influenced by health, fitness and of course cupcakes !

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