Why is the name BananaCupcake already gone?

I seriously have a screen name and email on every account possible as bananacupcake and when I come to make my first blog its gone! So sad!!!
I suppose I shall be following whoever bananacupcake is then 😛

Today has been dragging on. Ususally when I get to work I’m good until my lunch break at about 3pm everyday beacuse hey I’m excited that I get to eat my oh so delish lunch soon. Then I’m good until about 5 because I have my oh so delish snack to have! After 5 though the stretch until 6:30 is way to long. Especially on a Monday.
Funny how thinking of food can make time fly 😛

I usually get my workouts in before work since I don’t have to be here until 10am but today there was no way I could move Mr. Wiggles was all cuddled up next to me I couldn’t dare!

                                                                                                                                                                      look into those eyes 😀

So today I shall be doing my work out right after work/ as soon as this post is finished! More on that later tonight!

Today’s Breakfast was the french toast scramble that I posted about eariler today from www.carrotsncake.com and a glass of ice coffee
So smooth creamy and sweet mmmm!
While I was getting my breakfast a cookin’ I packed my lunch which was themed around my home made guacamole I wrote about on saturday!

Chicken Fajita salad!

-Romaine Lettuce
-Red Green and Yellow Peppers
-Red Onion
-Sweet corn salsaMY FAVORITE SALSA EVER  (see below photo)
-Chicken breast
-Fajita seasoning
-Guacamole ( recepie https://cupcakecrunch.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/busy-busy-spending-bee/)

It was so freakin yummy mmmm I love anything with a bit of a spice.
The jar is empty but oh my goodness let me tell you about this salsa.
You can get this at any local grocery store but it always seems to dissapear. I seriously am on a constant Wheres Waldo hunt for this stuff.
“A chunky blend of corn, tomatoes, red bell peppers and jalapenos. At World Table, we explore regional cuisines and international dishes, so you can bring these authentic tastes into your home every day. All of our recipes start with a variety of high quality ingredients and are crafted with care. You and your family will discover a world of new, delicious flavors in every bite.”
I love the discription makes my mouth water hehe!
 STOCK UP ON THIS I’m tellin’ ya You will be thanking me.

Then around 5 pm-ish I had my snack of  stonyfield organic peach yogurt and an apple from whole foods.
yummy in my tummy

I appoligize, my job seriously has the worst lighting… which is funny since we are a major home improvement retailer you would think we would represent what we sell. OH WELL 😀

And I am currently enjoying my preworkout snack
mmmmmm every bite I’m like who needs muffins when you’ve got odwalla. They also sell an extremely filling chocolately peanut butter bar but it taste a lot more like a brownie than anything peanut butter.
I would say odwalla is a nice way to settle a sweet tooth and a not as bad of a choice way. haha!
And look! good lighting finally! 😀

Im so excited for this weekend my old childhood friend is coming to Milwaukee this weekend.
Tis the only bad part of moving missing people / lack of girls nights.

Well time to get my workout in. Talk to you tonight!


About CupcakeCrunch

Hello there! My names Stephanie Gramlich. I'm from central Illinois. I just recently moved to Milwaukee, WI which is a whole new world from my farm town childhood. I love good food, good workouts, enjoying life and my chubby kitty Mr.Wiggles. I'm currently working at my second major home improvement retailer. I live one of the most random life's influenced by health, fitness and of course cupcakes !

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