Where’d the weekend go?

This weekend went way way to fast. I love having a Monday-Friday job don’t get me wrong but I swear the weekend just flys by 😦

This weekend I tried a new breakfast that I got off of  www.Carrotsncake.com. She calls it her french toast scramble I believe. She makes it with egg whites and a mushed banana plus a few other ingredients. I have always read it and just thought to myself there is no way that taste like french toast. But I gave it a try and holy moly it taste like french toast!

Im telling you it will fill you up for hours and it taste so so yummy.
This woman is a genius!  Who would of thought egg whites and banana could taste so naughty!

These are the ingredients I used. I was out of actual egg whites so I had to seperate the yoke from the egg whites Ugh! Tough work.

I did not put my iced cofee in it just FYI. I did however have a glass of it. I was so tired of spending so much money at all these coffee shops so I decided to get some for at home! Cheaper and just just as tastey with 1/3 less sugar 😉

Yesterday Jon and I had a fun filled sunday we went out to brunch at this placed called Hi hat here in Milwaukee. It’s off the popular Brady Street.
I got this image from google but this is the place!
I had an egg white omlet with squash inside, an english muffin, and a side of fruit.
It was soooooo filling.

I had one two glasses of champange 😀

Jon and I then walked around milwaukee for hours it was so nice yesterday. But as always out of no where it began to snow. I have never in my life lived in such an unconsistant place as Milwaukee, weather wise. We went home to watch Batman since our fun Sunday walk was coming to an end thanks to the snow.

To warm up I tried a new tea Green tea pepermint as soon as I arrived home.

It wasnt as pepperminty as I normally get with teas which I was ok with because my nose didnt burn from its strong aroma.

Now I need to get back to work. I will recap on my day when I’m home from the gym

What types of teas do you all enjoy to drink? Hot cold? sweet unsweeet?


About CupcakeCrunch

Hello there! My names Stephanie Gramlich. I'm from central Illinois. I just recently moved to Milwaukee, WI which is a whole new world from my farm town childhood. I love good food, good workouts, enjoying life and my chubby kitty Mr.Wiggles. I'm currently working at my second major home improvement retailer. I live one of the most random life's influenced by health, fitness and of course cupcakes !

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