60 degrees in January?!

Wow I cannot express enough how crazy it is to me that just sunday it was a blizzard here in Milwaukee and today its going to be in the low 60’s. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STATE.

Last night at the gym I did a pretty killer workout with some really simple moves.

I warmed up with 15 mins on the treadmil.
Then I did 4 sets of the below moves with walking to each station as my breath catcher.
– lunges 30 reps with 25lbs DB in both hands
-lat pulldown 15 reps 100lbs (which I ended up dropping to 80 by the 4th set)
-bench press 15 reps 85 lbs

Then I did that 4 times and let me tell you my arms were feeling the burn. That last bench I was hardly squeezing it out!

I then was introduced by one of the trainers at my gym to this new calf muscle machine.
Now I have done a calf exercises on a machine that looks like the below photo..
I used this machine all the time while I was in highschool.
You would be suprised with the crazy amount of weight your legs can do on this and how fast you can get tired but tone the heck out of your legs.
Now after talking to the trainer he informed me that this works mostly the upper part of your calf muscles.
So he introduced me to this…
This works more the bottom part of the calf muscle and really really defines your calfs according to him.
Just 3 sets and my legs were feeling the burn and even today!
I’m going to need a serious Yoga stretching tonight.
(Both those images I had to pull off google so you would know what I’m talking about!)

Then I ended my work out with plank abs one minute each position (front, left, right). I did two sets of this then my body was spent.

Last night Jon and I made some whole wheat pizza his half a little less unhealthy than mine.
His side was sausage and peperoni and mine was spinach
mmmm so yummy. Can’t wait for lunches leftovers 😉

This morning’s breakfast:
quick simple and filling.
apple, banana, 3 cheese egg beaters, and a glass of ice coffee

I didnt get an after photo because I was busy doing some quick reading before work.

Look how cute Mr.Wiggles was when I woke up this morning 😀
You can tell he doesn’t like his photo taken.

We’ll back to work I have a much needed yoga workout tonight for these sore legs!

What is your favorite kind of workout when you are sore/tired?


About CupcakeCrunch

Hello there! My names Stephanie Gramlich. I'm from central Illinois. I just recently moved to Milwaukee, WI which is a whole new world from my farm town childhood. I love good food, good workouts, enjoying life and my chubby kitty Mr.Wiggles. I'm currently working at my second major home improvement retailer. I live one of the most random life's influenced by health, fitness and of course cupcakes !

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