About Me

Greetings!!! I’m Steph G!


(My friends and I are just not right)

So a bit about me!
I was born and raised in Champaign Illinois. For those of you who don’t know where that is its 2.5 hours from Chicago 2.5 hours from Indianapolis and 2.5 hours from St. Louis. So when I tell people I’m from central Illinois that’s no joke I was really smack dab in the middle farm world. Woo!
I recently moved to Milwaukee, WI in August its so pretty here…
So. So. So. COLD.

This is why Milwaukee is cool I get to run and live just 3 blocks from beautiful views like this!

This is why Milwaukee is cool I get to run and live just 3 blocks from beautiful views like this!

I have worked for two major home improvement retailers and still currently am except now I deal more with installs, claims on defect products, and repairs. And let me tell you it is A LOT more stressful than making sales for the month… you cant even begin to imagine how crazy people will go over a $300 blind. JUST WOW.

I have always been an active person. I did every sport growing up possible even karate! I’m a 2nd degree black belt in Shoring-Ryu 😉

Ive never been small even if i wanted to be tiny I couldn’t with my massive bone structure. I seriously swear I’m half man with as much as I sweat during workouts.
About the time I was 15 I became really into weight lifting and over all pushing my body to the limits. I always tell people fitness is a mental thing, like seriously. When you think your body will give out on a run I always say GO HARDER GO FASTER!!!! Because you honestly have no idea the amazing abilities of the human body. When my legs have felt like jello Ive been able to pull out sprints in races and guess what?! NOT DIE! woooo!

This would be Mr.Wiggles or as he likes Princess Wiggles
😀 Hes so cute with his orange belly


And I swear to you I do not over feed my cat or anything he is just really chubby.

I love food like I LOVE food. I have overcome a binge eating disorder and found a happy balance in my life.

I have the best family, friends, and boyfriend in the world. You will never catch me without a smile on my face.


Any more questions ask away!


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